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[lugbe] [Valentine Poetry] - DSL

man merkts, ich bin verliebt :*)

From: Brandan Whearty <spamthis at diescreaming.com>
Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo
Subject: [Valentine Poetry] - DSL
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:59:33 -0700
Message-ID: <3A8A0291.D240573D at diescreaming.com>

Hi, Gang:

While this isn't 100% pure Gibson approved cyberpunk, hopefully
someone will get a kick out of it.  Especially a certain special someone

who will find this waiting for her at work tomorrow. ;-)

Happy VD,
-- Brandan


(Declaring Sysop Love)
-- for Chandra, Valentine's Day 2001

“Baby got backup!” I screamed
at the curvy blue-eyed laptop unit
hitchhiking on the information superhighway.

You flashed a grin that
could melt chrome and
ignited my firewire.

It wasn’t fair how fast you blazed
through handshakes and heartaches
Before my firewalls could stop you
I was snared in your world wide web.

I feared you’d give me the boot
and it would rec.my.heart
I phreaked, but you were liquid cooled,
yet hotter than an overclocked athlon.

iMac, but only on you.
The only virus I’ve got is your love bug.
You made my microsoft into a hard drive, and
asked, “Should we crash at my place? || yours?”

That night, free from monitors
I traced your body from the beautiful faceplate
straight down to your fuzzy...logic.
The smell of your neck became my password.

I wanna hack your dreams and
write myself into your future...
we’ll make our own script kiddies -
sun systems and daughter processes.

just reach out and grep my hand
and our search is over.


This poem is freeware copyleft 2001.  Spread it, exchange it, modify it,

send it to people you hate, or whatever.  Just make sure the dedication
remains intact.